How young is too young for online dating

Celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Sharon Stone have all recently drawn scorn, ridicule—and some kudos—for stepping out with men in their twenties. According to this maxim, Geffen is indeed out of line: Even at 69, when he first met Kuntz, his partner’s minimum acceptable age, according to the formula, is past 40.Antonio Banderas, on the other hand, gets the green light: According to the formula, the minimum age for his partner is 34, exactly 20 years younger than himself." data-reactid="28"acceptable age for a person’s partner.We asked the experts about what you need to know if you're thinking about putting a ring on it.It's not like the old days."Marriage today has changed so much since 1960, when half of all women were married by age 20," says Stephanie Coontz, the Director of Research and Public Education at the Council on Contemporary Families.When we are just beginning to figure out who we are, we may not be firmly grounded enough spiritually to form solid romantic attachments and may be more prone to making unwise decisions that can leave us with emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual damage.Being in a relationship puts one in almost constant temptation, especially as emotions begin to develop and the attraction to the other person deepens.

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Often, the younger we are, the less mature we are due to a lack of life experience.

Such early relationships make it more difficult to avoid damage to the delicate and still-forming self-image, not to mention the problem of resisting temptation.

It used to be the norm for young people to get married, but over the last fifty years, teenage marriage has become increasingly stigmatized.

Besides the obvious jail-bait issue, many people wonder how many years they can rob the cradle by and still face the light of day.

We’re here to help you figure out just how young is too young: While a few years difference in age is seldom a major issue between two people, those who are many years or even decades apart may experience some unique challenges.