Updating id3 tags

----------------------------------- Functions: ----------------------------------- - allows editing of title, artist, album, year, tracknum, genre tags in existing mp3 files - allows setting ID3 tags for recordings - writes both id3v1 and id3v2 tags ---------------------------------------- Limitations: ---------------------------------------- - relatively untested (esp.on player), so make sure you have backups of critical files before editing!Bu the way, to do the batch editing select the songs, edit the fields and the click the radio like buttons on thr right side to apply the changes for all the selected files. I use easytag since the beginning of this year and it IS superbe. And if I don't go wrong (I'm not using that function very often but I think it can be done by renaming with the / character in the name) it can also organize the music files in trees like /artist/album/track - name I really suggest you try MP3-diags, it's has a really intuitive user interface (more so than the others I have tried) (it's included in the official repositories, easy to install) It can scan your mp3 files and suggest methods to clean the ID3 tags, download tags from internet databases, add cover pictures, add replay gain values in the tags so all your music has the same gain/volume (it's just an information in the tags, the music files are not altered by normalization), it can mass-rename mp3 file names...

updating id3 tags-73

- no batch ID3 edit (would be quite slow) ---------------------------------------- Files Modified: ---------------------------------------- - apps/settings.c -- load/save_rec_settings (last ID3 tags), set_genre UI for selecting ID3 genre - apps/settings.h -- set_genre prototype - apps/sound_menu.c -- add "Edit ID3 Tags" entry to recsettings menu - apps/tree.c -- quick Menu entry for "Edit ID3 Tags" get_dir Browse_curr File so external code can read currently selected filename - apps/tree.h -- get_dir Browse_curr File prototype - apps/wps-display.c -- moved genre definitions to id3.c - apps/wps-display.h -- removed wps_get_genre - apps/wps.c -- edit_id3_tags UI wrapper function replaced browse_id3 w/ above UI - apps/wps.h -- edit_id3_tags prototype - apps/lang/-- add LANG_EDIT_ID3 entry - apps/recorder/recording.c -- interface for external code to edit recording's ID3 tags reserve space for id3v2 tags before recording starts move src to F2 quickmenu, edit ID3 tags on F3 quickmenu - apps/recorder/recording.h -- rec_edit_id3() prototype - firmware/id3.c -- macros to take int - SYNC (or not) bytes added genre definitions from wps-display write_id3v1_tags, write_id3v2_tags resize_id3v2 to shfft mp3 data to make room for id3v2 header write_id3v1_tags, write_id3v2_tags - firmware/mpeg.c -- moved recording file creation to recording.c write_id3_tags on recording STOP - firmware/export/id3.h -- resize_id3v2, write_id3_tags, id3_get_genre prototypes Whew! Lemme know, and I'll trim out all those modified-file descriptions.=) edit ID3_030306.patch (61.3 Ki B) edit_id3(58.1 Ki B) edit_id3(59.5 Ki B) 01_edit_id3(60.4 Ki B) edit ID3_030816.patch (61 Ki B) strcspn.c (1.1 Ki B) edit_id3.patch (59 Ki B) edit ID3 rec Filename_030306.. This patch doesn't apply cleanly on top of the custom rec Filename patch (or vice-versa), so I uploaded a combined patch too. Cleaned up, preserves existing unsupported tags, removed recording-ID3-tag functionality (kinda a screwy idea anyway) and any dependency on rec Filename patch.(70.5 Ki B) editid3-updated.patch (61.8 Ki B) there are a few things I think could improve it considerably: --the option to choose between writing ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags or both. Allows editing (as long as no file-resize) while playing.But no way I know of to tweak Explorer as-is to show v2.4 tags (such tags also use UTF-8 encoding which Explorer doesn't support).Ender, the reason you couldn't edit your MP3s was because you had them in a protected folder. Had the same issue on Windows 7 Professional N, and resolved by installing Media Feature Pack from Microsoft.