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You might be surprised to find exactly what you're looking for and discover other long-forgotten items in the process.I actually have myself on a clothing allowance for each season. Wish you could afford a whole new wardrobe but you can’t?Add one of the current trend colours to your wardrobe – get my tips on the Pantone Colours for 2016 and see which will flatter you.Colour adds interest to your wardrobe, it really can make you look alive and vibrant.Add to your boring black a colour or two which not only will make you more memorable, but will also update your wardrobe.Adding a fun new accessory to your wardrobe, something that is different from what you already own, can really help you update your outfits and add some currency to your look.There are so many great costume accessories you can play with and try that will add fun, and that oh-so-important focal point to your outfit. There are so many different accessories you can play with that will add interest and flair to your outfit.

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Fortunately, there is a way to reinvigorate your look and make everyone around you think you sprung for a new wardrobe.

Santo Domingo is, after all, a sophisticated socialite selling to women like herself.

And while celebrity stalking is usually not a habit to admit to, Santo Domingo is all about identifying a star who not only has a style you admire but also has a build similar to yours.

Ever suspect, in fact, that you might be a shopaholic? The rise of 24-7 shopping and the contagious social-media meme means that temptation is never more than a click away. M., until e-tailers renamed it) is the witching hour, when, glass in hand, we make irrationally exuberant purchases. Perhaps that's why, whatever their budget, stylish women want to demonstrate how nimbly they adjust to the seasons without having to rebuild their wardrobe from scratch every time.

Pieces for our fantasy lives, or our 90th pair of black pants. Spending judicious-ly for a few on-point items that complement and rejuvenate what you already have requires a keen eye for shifting proportions and accessories, as well as a clear view of what suits your body.