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I’ve blogged about the bloom of new romance, the heartbreak of ended relationships and, of course, my dating blitzes across the U. It’s why, over time, SGITC has evolved from being a dating blog to a memoir about life in and with my one true love–New York City.

As I look forward to starting my next chapter in the blogosphere, I find myself also looking back at everything I’ve experienced on and offline since launching SGITC.

Back in 2008, when my good friend Carla finally succeeded in convincing me to share my musings about dating and relationships, I was 34 and rediscovering the joys of being single.

That undertaking has now been broken down into categories for Best Neighborhood Bar, Best Dive Bar, Best Craft Beer Bar, Wine-Whiskey-Martini Bar, Sports Bar and Hotel-Restaurant Bar published by Inside Jersey Magazine.

There is also a list of readers’ picks and write Peter Genevoese in the publication.