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Spurred by an overheard conversation between two co-workers, the author—who’s since deleted his or her Reddit account—decided to explain the fallacy of the statement “the darker the vag the more dudes she's been pounded by” and debunking “some nonsense about vag lip size and number of sex partners.” “I've had darker and external labia for as long as I can remember yet I have zero previous sex partners,” our champion wrote.

“Even reading a few comments on Reddit there seems to be too many people who equate larger labia with number of sex partner[s].” This misunderstanding of female anatomy exposes both the entrenched social prejudices around the vulva and the odd assumption that penises have such supernatural powers that they can cause immutable changes to a woman’s genitals.

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Antonia descried her labia minora as being “like a Big Mac” on camera for BBC Three documentary, My Unusual Vagina.

Or, rather, rows of computer monitors displaying full-screen, close-up footage of human vulvas.

Skin, hair, pink parts, shine; clitoris at the top of the screen, labia extending down toward the keyboard.

"If there's one skill men are curiously uninterested in learning how to do better, Perkins says, it's sex—as he puts it, it's one of just a few subjects anyone ever says "I think I know everything I need to know" about.Only the opening of the vagina is visible from outside.The vulva is a woman's sex organs external to the vagina and the urethra, which lies below the vagina.Many people (OK, mostly men) confuse the vagina and the vulva.For men who may be wanting to understand and support the woman in their lives, here's a quick anatomy lesson: The vagina is the birth canal.