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from my understanding it does not break the 3rd precept for lay people unless they are, for example, on a meditation retreat where they often temporarily take on more precepts.

That said, while we should at minimum follow the five precepts, if we are serious about following the dhamma, then we will want to minimize mental and physical actions that fan the flame of lust.

Recordings of these sessions end up online and feature amateur flashing and masturbation.

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allso i can tell when im ejaculating and when im about to come. Is there any repair food, if any of the nerves are broken maybe it can be repaird Personally I would stop masturbating for a while and let things calm down.

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She estimates that half of all asexuals stimulate themselves on a fairly regular basis.

Federal law and treaties, so long as they are in accordance with the Constitution, preempt conflicting state and territorial laws in the 50 U.I don't think you should be afraid either because "nerve" damage of any description is highly unlikely if you're as young as you say you are.I would guess that your problem is of a psychological nature linked to your OCD-related problems and will resolve itself once you get your anxiety under control. I havent been doing it hard allthough i have been rubbing fast.According to this answer, it seems like masturbation is not considered sexual misconduct or breaking the third precept.However, the whole point (in general) of keeping the precept is to make good kamma both in mind and body.