Yoona and heechul dating

But I always focus on Eun Hae 1st 😀 Then I saw new accessories in Hae’s hand,, it’s bracelet.. U can say I’m type of fans who won’t believe in rumor so easily :p And then….. *speechless here u,u Actually, there’s a info about that bracelet and Hae and Yesung twitter before that selca and bracelet, but I won’t tell U here.. And then, rumor ; fanaac ; screen caps of relationship between Hae n Yoona start exploding!! ) Then got mention about this 【Translation】The rumor of Yoona and Donghae is still a hot topic among fans. They have been caught wearing the same phones, clothes and accessories lately however she was recently seen with Seo Ingk with whom she starred in the drama “Love Rain”. When SJ comeback for their 6th album ,, and did their SFS promotion,, I always looking at my biased pict and other too.. He wears it for,, maybe more then 1 weeks *I forget ,___, Then,, in twitter there’s rumor that Hae’s bracelet is couple bracelet, and the girl is Yoona?! Actually I got lot of information about that couple, but I just like ‘okey, I read it, then forget about it’.. And when I looked it closer…….seems like it’s the same bracelet.. I don’t know whether it’s a new one or not,, since I’m not updating any info about other grub beside SJ :p And once again the rumor of Yoon Hae couple bracelet coming up again… ) So, it’s already become a hot issues I guess XD And…..conclusion…

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Sorry to comment but your comment is really immatured.

She began to train with the other trainees under the same company in the areas of acting, singing and dancing.

She trained for seven years Im Yoona was born in Seoul, South Korea on May 30, 1990.

Kim Hee-chul (doğum 10 Temmuz 1983), Güney Koreli şarkıcı, oyuncu, besteci ve sunucudur.

Super Junior grubunun ve Super Junior-T adlı alt grubun üyesidir.