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Madeline Lynn and Louise Grant are her two oldest friends in high school, though she is very different from them.

Madeline and Louise care more about boys and fashion, than they seem to care about school.

It’s an age-old story of star-crossed lovers—cruelly kept apart by family, society, class... Game day weekend is a tough time for cross-Ivy couples, and in an attempt to remove the stigma, I'm laying it all on the table. Sure, I’m perfectly willing to own up to my liaison with the enemy, but it’s just a lot easier on all of us if it doesn’t have to be a whole big thing.

And I'm not the only one fraternizing with the enemy.

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We realize that successful start-ups require members with a breadth of experiences and interests that a single school can’t alone provide.“It’s having an art brain and a science brain—they’re sort of the same brain, and both are being applied now in an entrepreneurial way,” Lee says.She says it was initially a challenge to convince investors that an artist without the “MBA-computer science-Microsoft-Amazon pedigree” could really carry off the project.However, we also realize that it’s often difficult to meet interested people from other schools.The organizers hope this event will help remedy that: Lui said, “As a founder of a venture myself, I experienced firsthand the difficulty in finding members outside of my immediate Yale program and hope that this event will help ameliorate some of the same struggles for others.” The event will take place in Evans Hall at the Yale School of Management on Wednesday, March 1 - PM.