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They reap the benefits with faster eligibility determination, fewer lost documents, shorter wait times for telephone responses and office visits, and a reduction in complaints about the system.In our last edition, we discussed a scenario about billing for CAH swing bed services that has confused some of our readers.Jessica Edmiston, CPC, vice president of professional coding at National Medical Billing Services, shares two common mistakes in coding ENT procedures and discusses how they can be corrected.1.Not reporting tympanoplasty graft harvested from a separate incision as a separate procedure code. 2008, the AMA now allows the harvesting of graft through a separate incision to be reported in addition to the tympanoplasty code. 2008, the AMA did not allow for grafts to be billed separately, says Ms. Failing to bill the harvesting of the graft separately would result in a loss of reimbursement for the ASC.Despite the controversy surrounding ICD-10, there is one universally agreed-upon upside to the hyper-specific coding system: Weird and obscure codes that stand for bizarre medical injuries. What, precisely, is the contact with the cow that has necessitated a hospital visit?!

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Facilities are ultimately responsible for verifying the reporting policies of individual commercial and MAC/FI carriers prior to claim submissions.The ultimate goal of the centers, once they are operational throughout the state, is to provide paperless organization and indexing of case files to reduce manual clerical processing and reduce needed storage space while providing immediate access to authorized personnel to access the records.Clients can use the computers to find answers to commonly asked questions or submit an application on line through the web portal, Rawlinson said.Large group plans (both self-funded and fully insured), and small group ASO plans, are not subject to the requirement to offer coverage for EHBs.However, if such plans choose to provide coverage for benefits which are deemed EHBs, the ACA requires all dollar limits on those benefits to be removed on all Grandfathered and Non-Grandfathered plans. P); and ** The care must be delivered or supervised by a licensed professional in order to obtain a specified medical outcome; and ** Services must be skilled care in nature (refer to the policy titled Skilled Care and Custodial Care Services and the Definitions section below); and ** Services must be intermittent and part time (typically provided for less than 4 hours per day; refer to the member specific benefit plan document for intermittent definitions, if provided); and ** Services are provided in the home in lieu of skilled care in another setting (such as but not limited to a nursing facility, acute inpatient rehabilitation or a hospital); and ** Services must be clinically appropriate and not more costly than an alternative health services; and ** A written treatment plan must be submitted with the request for specific services and supplies’ periodic review of the written treatment plan may be required for continued Skilled Care needs and progress toward goals; and ** Services are not provided for the comfort and convenience of the member or the member’s family; and ** Services are not custodial care in nature.