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I did an article in the Observer on 'Is 10% of the population really gay'.There have been many articles from around the world - here is a good one from La Parisien, and also one in Indonesian.The pounded-out breaded pork steak brought back flashes of her childhood."This was my Sunday, every Sunday when I was a kid," said Wudak, now an English as a Second Language teacher who is working on obtaining her master's degree at St. "I was pounding Schnitzel, breading Schnitzel, tasting Schnitzel and arguing who got the last Schnitzel."It's fun to see people eating Schnitzel. S., France, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union.It was something that was special for me."Wudak grew up with her two older siblings in the United States, but her father, Heinrich, is from Austria, and her mother is Hungarian. In addition to Wiener Schnitzel, the buffet served a marinated roast beef in a sour gravy called Sauerbraten, a roasted pork called Schweinebraten, an egg noodle called Spatzle, red cabbage and sauerkraut, among other items.But to get the recipe four years ago during a trip to Austria, Heinrich had to prod his sister-in-law who served as guardian of the recipe.After numerous requests, she relented."Now I am the guardian of the recipe here in America, and she is the guardian of the recipe in Austria," Heinrich joked. And Heinrich visits Austria about every four years."I enjoy every day here," Heinrich said.

is published by Profile Books and the Wellcome Collection, and accompanies the Wellcome's excellent Institute of Sexology exhibition which runs until September 20th 2015.Alfred’s letter to Mühlbauer thus contained a permit allowing her to apply for a visa to travel to England.”She is a very experienced teacher,” School spokesperson Melodi Kirsch told Austrian weekly News. According to the paper, Thompson will function as headmistress of the Austrian International School of Sex (AISOS) in Vienna, which will open its doors to students in mid-December.There is a rather neat animation that features some of the stats.The book may look like a light chat about sex, and it does contain some extraordinary stats and studies, but in fact it is primarily concerned with the challenges of taking a scientific approach to this tricky area.