Rowupdating old values null

The thing that's really confusing me is that when I set a breakpoint and go through the code line by line, it looks as though it's working.

I want to display message Duplicate record exist for class 4 it is possbile by using two loops by comparing, but i want an optimized code that will return me the duplicate record and i will display a message.

2) I need to add the code you provide in my btn_Update_Click event.

Try something like: For Each gvr As Grid View Row In gvd Transportation.

protected void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, System.

Grid View Update Event Args e) Hi Hussain, Thanks for your response. I am sending the code:namespace Employee_details Once again thanks, Deepa Thanks Hussain.

This post takes the same scenario and implementing the same concept using XML HTTP AJAX implementation. 1 : 0; var is_ie5 = (Version.index Of("MSIE 5.5") ! 1 : 0; var xml Http; /* This function requests the HTTPRequest, will be used to render the Dynamic content html markup * and it will call Handle Response to handle the response */ function Get Child Grid(Id) /* This function is used to handler the http response */ function Handle Response(Id) /* function to create Ajax object */ function create Ajax Object() /* Get the XML Http Object */ function Get Xml Http Object(handler) function xml Http_Get(xmlhttp, url) download the working example of the source code in C# here and in VB here [Update ] The above implementation shows, when clicking the expand icon in the row - it calls the server to get the Grid View script and show in the page.

The use case of the implementation follows: To know how XML HTTP AJAX works and how to implement the same in ASP. So to test the code, please make sure you have Northwind database and update the server in connection string on web.config. Once the Grid View shown, it never call again till the page refresh happening and it will just hide and show the Grid View. NET with AJAX, JQuery implementation - Part 1 Hierarchical Grid View in ASP.

Rowupdating old values null