Intimidating witness california

Benard Thomas of Salinas will appear in Monterey County Superior Court on November 17, 2016, on two felony charges of filing false documents with the state and two felony charges of intimidating a witness.Thomas, a registered nurse, was the owner of TLC Institute of Nursing Education, which offered an unapproved vocational nursing program in Salinas.In a motion filed Tuesday, Arroyo's attorneys at the Orange County alternate defender's office said that Alley "beat the attorney to a pulp" in front of Gonzalez and other witnesses."Dillon continued to punch James with what appeared to be [a] tremendous amount of rage," the motion said, while Crawford held his arms up to shield himself and did not fight back."According to witnesses, Dillon showed no indication he was going to stop the beating."The motion described the incident, which ended when two Santa Ana police officers intervened, as a "brutal assault.""Whether (or not) it was designed to send a message, the effect is still the same," the motion said.

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Heard's attorney, Eric Safire, acknowledged Wednesday that he arranged the incident to possibly confuse the identification by the witness.

Last Wednesday, a key witness against him, Berenice Gonzalez, was on the 10th floor of the Santa Ana courthouse accompanied by a district attorney's investigator assigned to handle her.

See more of our top stories on Facebook The investigator, identified in court documents as Dillon Alley, exchanged heated words with attorney James Crawford, who was there to advise the witness about her 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

Prosecutors say that Heard was after Barrett's gem-encrusted pendant of the Flintstones' Bamm-Bamm character.

During the first day of the preliminary hearing on Tuesday, just as a star witness was asked whether she recognized anyone as responsible for Barrett's shooting, eight reputed gang members stood up in unison, crossed their arms and stared at the witness.

Intimidating witness california