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Perhaps the biggest drawback to that sort of expansion is the spread of customer service agents: small teams now make up the bulk of centers.

As businesses create more centers and spread their agents thin, “this can make it difficult for headquarters to manage teams and deliver consistent communication and technical support to ensure world-class customer service,” states the infographic's corresponding news release.

This helps in overall improvement of customer requests and processes involved.

A consolidated service desk also helps in bringing flexibility in evaluation and implementation of new business requirements.

The management team can be advised on the whole strategy rather than small sections of the business needs.

The primary benefit of a consolidated service desk is in load sharing.

Consolidation of processes and resources which are similar in nature is possible through the use of a consolidated service desk, which in turn helps in improved customer service and response times, along with lowering of staffing costs.

Another use of a consolidated service desk is in reduction of the overheads involved in service management systems and processes.

Today, we are going to go over the three remaining key benefits.

Business process outsourcing company DATAMARK recently released an infographic which explains the benefits call centers can receive when they consolidate and bring multiple centers into single locations.

The infographic targets large businesses that have a number of call centers already spread across geographical areas and which may find it hard to keep up with various costs and travel associated with maintenance of those operations.

Older technologies may be at capacity, but with virtualization and greater utilization of newer tech, companies can meet their IT needs with less equipment or even no data center at all, when they choose a colo or cloud partner.

The main reasons to eliminate data centers and/or choose a service provider are: An example of cost savings comes from the federal consolidation mandate, which reported million in savings through the end of the 2013 fiscal year (two years into the project).