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The general statistic is about 15-20% of couples experience a sexless marriage, which is defined as having 0-10 sexual encounters per year with their partner. How does a couple go two years or 10 years without sex? Everything may be normal- no illnesses, chronic issues, or disorders. this hub isn't for the incurably happy and sexually satisfied couples, even though I know some of you will feel compelled to leave your gushy comments.

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We’re American and we are used to celebrating this day – don’t stop now just because of the tiny, insignificant fact that you don’t ACTUALLY LIVE THERE ANY MORE Invite people over – heck, invite PERSON over and channel your inner pilgrim.

Expectations are usually things we avoid or procrastinate.

Often times, from the women's point of view, "sex is just another chore".

Obsessed with finding his future wife in seventh grade, our hero unwittingly sets himself on a collision course with dating disasters, vengeful exes and countless other relationship follies in this humorous, autobiographical tale about Debacle’s quest for the girl of his dreams.

takes us on a journey through the turbulent dating history of a thoughtful, well-intentioned, charming, yet naive narrator, Debacle, from the time he discovers girls up until his mid-twenties when he “finally” finds his wife.