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The most important building block to any great on-screen couple is chemistry, that certain intangible energy between two people that makes us, the viewer, get lost in the moment and wrapped up in their storyline.

And while great actors can create that chemistry, sometimes it just comes naturally.

Other similarly set shows of the time, like Buffy and Roswell and later, the early years of Smallville, I watched because they were set in high school and were science fiction (two of my greatest loves), but among the more mundane entries into this distinctive oeuvre, it took the impossibly beautiful aristobrats of Gossip Girl to really send me over the edge into Twi-Mom-style obsession with the doings of perplexingly popular young girls and the peculiar boys who love them. until Colin Hanks tragically left the series, and we ended up with Izzy as a young married, lying about her alien-ness to her attorney husband Jesse. That was when I finally became convinced Katherine Heigl could, y'know, act.) The less said about Kyle and Tess, the better. I also have "age-inappropriate love affair with episodic teenage melodrama." I was a huge fan of Dawon's Creek (Team Pacey! ); Serena has a brand new gorgeous cousin in town who has definite chemistry with Dan; Blair was this close to hooking up with Chuck again, but instead is about to re-encounter her Royal suitor of the season's beginning; and Vanessa just told Serena about The Kiss, which will apparently lead to all sorts of shenanigans next time out. Brooklyn Shoe Babe I usually read the books before the adaptation; in this case, I went the other way around, and am very glad I did. that is something I'd love to see them bring in on GG! Serena is a tour de force and can get away with phoning it in.

Indeed, for much of the first season, I couldn’t abide a single character in the show—though I found one of the dads, Rufus (Matthew Settle), pretty hot. [A pause, as Dan seems unable to put his words into action…] BLAIR: Oh, for crying out loud, Humphrey! (Meanwhile, something's happening with Nate and Raina, but since they are officially the most boring couple in prime time, I think we can safely ignore them.) Ah, Gossip Girl. I do like the novels, but they are not as high in my esteem as the show; on the other hand, had I read the books first I would have been outraged at the flagrant changes made for no very good reason. She's Serena, a Daisy Buchanon of more subliminal prowress and less exacting greed.

Book Chuck weird scarf-obsessed loner who literally carried a pet monkey named “Sweetie” around with him wherever he went. Blair should maybe not date anyone for a while: I don’t know. And literally abandons her at the end of the first season: Remember how Chuck and Blair were supposed to go on a romantic European getaway together, but then he got scared and abandoned her on a helipad? But this doesn’t mean that the relationship itself is sound.

They tried to make Chuck sexy in the TV series, but that monkey-toting outcast from the books just has a way of sticking with you, ya know? Chuck nearly raped Serena: And, besides, it’s not like “sexy Chuck” automatically equals “good Chuck.” Remember how, in the pilot episode, Chuck basically tried to rape Serena (who, at the time, was his step sister)? And Jenny: In the same episode, he tried to rape Jenny, too. I like Blair and I want her to be happy, but she is manipulative, mean, and extraordinarily petty. Chuck cheats on Blair: Chuck was kind enough to thank Blair for exchanging her body for his benefit by…sleeping with Jenny Humphrey. While they’ve got money in abundance, relationships rely on things that Chuck and Blair lack–you know, like empathy, mutual respect, and common human decency.

Nate (Chace Crawford) was a perfect young Adonis but otherwise not good for much; Serena (Blake Lively) remained gorgeous but annoyingly limpid; the characterization of Vanessa (Jessica Szor) was slipshod at best; Eric (Connor Paolo) was woefully underused; and I missed train wreck Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) almost every episode since her Season 3 departure. The characters may be young, but the appeal of this particular kind of courtship is truly ageless.

But then my Gossip Girl devotion got a shot in the arm from a most unlikely source. One is that pretty much every regular on this show has hooked up with every other at least once—except for Eric (gay), Dan and Jenny (brother and sister) and Chuck and Serena (step-brother and sister… ” only one episode later, when Gossip Girl came back from hiatus (yeah, GG, like all CW shows, takes an inordinate number of breaks; it’s like Congress over there) and we were cleverly teased with the mystery of just what these two had been up to. Chuck/Blair was my favorite part of Gossip Girl, and I stopped watching once they'd gotten together and I sensed that the show's writers were getting tired of them being relatively happy (for them, anyway). But I've noticed several people are suddenly very into Dan/Blair.

Basically, I hate them–not necessarily individually, which I will get to in a second, but together.Gossip Girl here: Leighton Meester predicts what 2017 Blair Waldorf would be like, and it’s spot-on.As you might already know, New York Fashion Week just happened, so Meester has been out and about checking out the style scene. She talked about her new TV show — which premieres on March 5th — her past movie roles, and Blair Waldorf…obviously.It’s pretty clear that she shouldn’t be with anyone until she sorts out those issues (which would probably require therapy). Both Chuck and Blair physically abuse one another: This couple sees a lot of slapping, hair-pulling, and general physical abuse–it’s presented as being normal on the show, but it’s not something that should ever be accepted as a norm. Which Chuck uses as a tool to mark Blair as his “territory:” This escalates into something even more serious when, in one episode, Blair tries to break up with Chuck. And essentially pimped her out to his uncle one time (who had a history of rape, no less): In the third season, Chuck tries to exchange Blair for a hotel with his gross, creepy uncle. In response, he pushes her down and cuts her face with a piece of glass.

Blair waldorf dating history