Cupidtino dating derek jeter dating miss universe

I am also a member of the i Phone Jailbreaking cult at

I have jailbroken i Pod Touches of friends I have influenced into buying an Apple product.

Predictably, access to the site will only be available on the Safari browser on Mac computers, i Phones and the i Pad.

As most dating sites charge a fee, it has yet to be announced what it will cost to be a member with this Apple fanboy/girl program.

You guys are gonna drive your dates straight to PCs!

While it seems like a funny idea, isn't there something to be said about keeping an open mind to people who own computers other than Macs?

(“Cupidtino” is a pun for the famous address of the Apple headquarters, Cupertino.) Come to think of it, I think that’s a pretty viable idea. I have already owned two i Pods: i Pod 30GB and i Pod Touch 16GB. I have owned a Crumpler bag (which seems like the perfect bag for a Mac).

Apple users have somewhat become a cult and seeing a fellow Mac-user in Starbucks, for example, makes you feel like you’ve known the person for a long time. I am a member of the Philippine Macintosh Users Group forum.

Cupidtino is a beautiful new dating site created for fans of Apple products by fans of Apple products! Diehard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common - personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, , and of course a love for technology.

We believe these are enough reasons for two people to meet and fall in love, and so we created the first Mac-inspired dating site to help you find other Machearts around you..