Dating costars

The 47-year-old singer was asked about her romance with her fellow Voice coach boyfriend, and after a second of deliberation she said: “It’s so unbelievable. Fashion editor: Anne Christensen Rachel Mc Adams is just so cool. GLAMOUR: People seem to love gushing about you in interviews. GLAMOUR: When you did , did you have any idea it would become such a huge thing? GLAMOUR: What's your all-time favorite romantic movie? GLAMOUR: You have such wonderful chemistry with Channing Tatum. RACHEL MCADAMS: I wouldn't mind running a restaurant.Laura Ansell, …Instagram Since her unfortunate cancellation at Coachella, Queen B has been out of the public eye for a minute now.Her “silence” has caused the Beyhive to get a little restless, so what is a worker bee to do when their queen is gone? Having a long lost grandmother show up telling you you’re a princess was also the dream.In a 2014 Cosmopolitan interview Alfred did admit to having a British girlfriend.

Gwen Stefani is head over heels for her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, and during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers Tuesday, February 21, she made sure everyone knew it. Everybody loves Blake and that’s the thing, there’s no way around it.

Ryan Gosling, 36, is living with Eva Mendes with whom he has two children.

But the pretty brunette was nowhere to be seen when the acclaimed actor promoted his film Blade Runner 2049 during a photo call in Barcelona, Spain on Monday.

While they were cooking dinner, they spotted a giant huntsman spider hanging from their door.

The spine-chilling images show a menacing spider the size of a human head just sitting at the corner of a sliding door.