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Don’t freak out no-makeup-swiping-couch-potatoes, the opposing user has the option to deny said request (however in doing so you are pretty much admitting to being a toad).“Badoo has been around for 10 years, so we have the industry’s deepest insights and experience,” Badoo spokesperson Joey Hadfield told Yahoo Tech.

The video-in-profile feature lets users upload 15 second video clips captured directly through their i OS or Android smartphone.

The world’s largest dating network Badoo - with 320 million users - analysed dating behaviours at the Olympics.

They found that women were most desired in the Village. Rounding out the top three were Canada and United Kingdom in second and third respectively.

With men, Canadian was the top nationality sought after.

American men were found to be the second most sought after males behind Canada - earning them a silver.